refugee club is proud to present its feature documentary:

Darfur's Skeleton



The rarely discussed topic of the affects of the Darfur conflict (2003-present) on the environment is the axis around which the 3 main stories of this documentary revolve. Filmmaker Hisham Haj Omar’s unique approach brings you a film about the people of Darfur, told by the people of Darfur.

From the destruction of the Kondowa forest in Southern Darfur, to the subdued and heartfelt stories of the displaced refugees in Otash Camp, to in depth explanations given by tribal leaders. This film is a realistic look at life in the midst of a war zone, but more importantly it’s a celebration of a people’s agency and the will to survive and move on.

Darfur's Skeleton has an original sound track contributed free of charge by a group of creative musicians. All proceeds from selling the DVD will go to charity through the Udhiya Project.

Darfur's Skeleton is available HERE on DVD

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Produced, directed & edited: Hisham Haj Omar
Online editor: Sherien Hussaini
Public relations: Hagomer Mohamed
Illustrations: Amjad Omar
Music: Hassan Mubarak, Alsarah, Arcelious and Tali Hersh
Subtitles: Amr Haj Omar and Ahmed Abdalla

Journalist: Professor Adam Khater
Southern Darfur’s Forests Protection Agency: Haider Ahmed Yousif and Abdel-Aziz Mohamed Yaheya
Forest Trooper: Haroon Omer Abu-Bekr
Great Family Organization: Mohamed Tahir Aseel and Mohamed Ghabashi Mohamed
Writer and Researcher: AlNur Daoud Khair Allah
Sons of Darfur Forum for Peaceful Communication and Cohabitation: Farik Sidik Mohamed Ismail and Zaidan Abdel-Rahim Yousif
Otash Camp Refugees: Ayoub Adam Ahmed, Malik Mohamed Isa, Idris Adam Ahmed, Aliah Idris Adam Ahmed, Aysha Ahmed Abd-Allah and Adam Ahmed Abd-Allah
School Principal: Mahmood Mohamed Abdel-Rahim
Teachers: Mohamed Abdel-Mowla Ahmed Adam and Zeinab Abd-Allah Abdel-Rahman
Tribal Mayors: Mohamed AbuBekr Mohamed Idris, Ahmed AlTijani Mohamed Ibrahim, buSadiya
Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed, Mukhtar Jallab Suliman, Abdel-Rahman AbuBker Dodo, Saleh Mohamedein Bakhit, Isa Hamoud Hasab Allah and Mohamed Abd-Allah Mohamed

Special thanks to
Abu Sufian, Noor and Elmardi

Dedicated to the memory of my father,
Mohamed Haj Omar
who loved Sudan dearly

all rights reserved